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 About Us:

Dr. Daniel Levine co-founded Merrell Publishing in 2013, blending his expert business acumen with strong writing, editing, and publishing experience.

We have a sincere desire to help individuals communicate their ideas, experiences, talents, and services, and we would enjoy working with you on your book project.

Whatever you have in mind for your book, Merrell Publishing can produce your book quickly, effectively, and within several affordable price ranges suited to your intentions.

Our mission is to write books for individuals who wish to share the unique events and experiences of their lives, or have advice to offer with insights that benefit others. Perhaps you have a great idea for a novel and want the story to come alive. Your book could be about your hobby, or your children, or a how-to book, your memoirs, or a file of great ideas that are waiting for the light of day…talk to us about the possibilities, because we can breathe your vision into life.


Dr. Daniel Levine


Dr. Levine’s service centers on leading individuals toward the achievement of their personal goals.

A lifelong educator with more than 30 years experience in public education, Dr. Levine served as a public school superintendent for 16 years, and as a classroom teacher for eight. Daniel also wrote, edited and published numerous instructional books, guiding his staff of writers to achieve publication goals within established timelines. In addition, Daniel plays an instrumental role in guiding the writing, editing and publishing of books for Merrell’s clients with a wide range of interests.

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our published list of exceptional books. Written by Lorin Sandretzky, otherwise known as Big Lo, this autobiography details the astonishing events in the life of this Super Fan. Big Lo has been in a commercial with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, the Mariners Ichiro, and even has his own Super Fan action figure. Told with modesty, this is an inspirational story about a man who has dedicated himself to the sports teams of the Great Northwest, and to serving his community with kindness and compassion. Please click here to read more about this highly informative book.   Click Here  

Daniel is delighted to serve Merrell Publishing as its Executive Editor, assuring that all books are completed with high quality, on time, and within budget.



Merrell Publishing offers several book packages, based on the number of pages in your book. We realize that at the outset, you may not know how long you want your book to be; our staff will work with you to develop your outline and help you reach a determination of book size.

We also understand you may be very busy and unable to dedicate a lot of time to your book project, so we are willing to work closely with you, or, if you prefer, more independently once we understand your intended outcome.

Our service is unique in the book publishing industry, as there are very few publishers specializing in writing your book with you. Merrell Publishing distinguishes itself in this capacity by maintaining a capable staff of exceptional writers who are open to understanding your intention and creating your book with the voice and authority you desire.



Merrell Publishing offers a variety of services, and our clients are welcome to select the services they require.

 You may select any of our full book packages (click here), or choose from a menu of individual services that specifically suit your needs.

Please contact us today to discuss these options and how we can best serve you.

Call Daniel at 360-650-0671 or email: daniel@merrellpublishing.com

Our individual services include:

  • Writing your book

  • Editing your book

  • Designing your cover

  • Preparing your book for printing

  • Printing your book

  • Acquiring ISBN, barcodes and Library of Congress copyright

  • Marketing your book



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