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A Unique Opportunity

You’ve been nurturing an idea for a book and want to become a published author, but just don’t have the time to write, edit, publish, and market your own material…

But now Merrell Publishing can do this for you.

Our staff of exceptional writers and editors will work with you to create a book that provides the satisfaction and pride of being an author, in any subject you choose.

Whether you’re a professional who wants a book to expand your reputation, or a person with a great story to tell about the value of your life’s experiences, or a business owner interested in generating new clients and increased income, Merrell can produce your book — from concept to finished product — in print and digital format.

We are unique, because we’ll write your book and then get it published!

About Merrell Publishing

Dr. Daniel Levine co-founded Merrell Publishing in 2013, blending his expert business acumen with strong writing, editing, and publishing experience.

We have a sincere desire to help professionals communicate their ideas, experiences, talents, and services, and we would enjoy working with you on your book project.

Whatever you have in mind for your book, Merrell Publishing can produce your book quickly, effectively, and within several affordable price ranges suited to your intentions.

Our mission is to write books for professionals and accomplished individuals so insightful ideas and valued knowledge is conveyed to our clients’ intended audiences.

Dr. Daniel Levine, Executive Editor

Dr. Levine’s service centers on leading individuals and groups of people toward meaningful change, resulting in the achievement of their personal and professional goals. Daniel is delighted to serve as the Executive Editor, assuring that all books are completed with high quality, on time, and within budget.

A lifelong educator with more than 30 years experience in public education, Dr. Levine served as a public school superintendent for 16 years, and as a classroom teacher for eight. Daniel also wrote, edited and published 21 instructional material books, guiding his staff of writers to achieve publication goals within established timelines. In addition, Dr. Levine is instrumental in writing, editing and publishing books for Merrell Publishing’s business clientele.

Merrell Publishing has published two books in the new Insight Series by Joe Maas, the founder of Synergetic Finance, an integrated financial services company in Seattle’s Columbia Towers: “Exit Insight: Getting to Sold!”, and “401(k) Insight: Getting to Retired!” A third book in the series, “Investment Insight: Getting to Diversified!” is expected in February 2015.

In the meantime, Merrell Publishing will soon present its newest book, “Understanding Reverse Mortgages” by John P. Barlow, a well-known reverse mortgage division manager and loan officer for Caliber Home Loans. This book is anticipated in January 2015.

Accelerating Your Business:

As a professional, writing a book that explains the services and benefits you provide is essential for acquiring new clients. You know your services are important, but many of your potential clients may not realize the extra value you provide. Whatever your profession, you possess skills and perspectives, and perform duties that others value. .

A book that tells your professional story in an insightful manner can teach others why your services are valuable, would resolve their situation, and may lead to a discussion that results in new clients acquiring your expertise. .

Merrell Publishing’s full talents and services are available to help you advance your reputation, build your clientele, increase your niche visibility, and expand your professional horizon. Please give us a call and let’s have a conversation! .



Merrell Publishing offers several book packages, based on the number of pages in your book. We realize that at the outset, you may not know how long you want your book to be; our staff will work with you to develop your outline and help you reach a determination of book size. .

We also understand you may be very busy and unable to dedicate a lot of time to your book project, so we are willing to work closely with you, or, if you prefer, more independently once we understand your intended outcome. Merrell’s mission is to write books for professionals so insightful ideas and valued knowledge is conveyed to our clients’ intended audiences. .

Our service is unique in the book publishing industry, as there are very few publishers specializing in writing your book with you. Merrell Publishing distinguishes itself in this capacity by maintaining a capable staff of exceptional writers who are open to understanding your intention and creating your book with the voice and authority you desire. .



Merrell Publishing offers a variety of services, and our clients are welcome to select the services they require.

You may select any of our full book packages, or choose from a menu of individual services that specifically suit your needs.

Our individual services include:

  • Writing your book
  • Editing your book
  • Designing your cover
  • Preparing your book for printing
  • Printing your book
  • Acquiring ISBN, barcodes and copyright
  • Marketing your book

Please contact us today to discuss these options and how we can best serve you.

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